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The of the Project Concept



The project is located at one of the most distinguished sites on the whole Earth which is Sharm El-Shiekh city at the meeting point of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea prior to its end at Aqaba Gulf and Suez which makes the greatest fresh surface air current on Earth and which brings renewable natural oxygen with the existence of permanent shining sun, the fresh pure nature becomes at the highest degrees of purity and clearness at one of the most distinguished points in Sharm El Sheikh, our site is located on the top of the pateau of Neama Bay with a height above the sea level with more than 64 vertical meters named by our visitors "The Lucky Land".
Our site overlooks from the top and from all directions the Gulf on the whole coastal strip with all its luxurious hotels in a rare visual overlapping with the mountain horizon extend on the range of vision in a complete circular panorama surrounded the site with the fascinating natural protectorate surroundings. The deserious visitors crowded to select our distinguished site for the permanent residence. However, we insist not to prevent the others from such an indefinite Joy: "Days in Land Paradise".
The owner brought the most well-known experts to conduct an exact scientific survey for the site and to submit the best ideas to execute an outstanding investing project which brings Joy and welfare for our project.



Information and data about the project:

The capital of the project is preliminary estimated with a sum amounting one billion Egyptian Pounds with a private national Egyptian Finance. We have gother aid of specialized experiences in the following fields:

    • Economic feasibility study for Investment and Marketing.
    • Architectural design study..
    • Construction design study.
    • Electromechanical design study.
    • Executive methods and costs accounts study.
    • Environmentally friendly and energy saving alternative methods study.
    • Healthy prepation study for sports.
    • Physio-therapy, urgent treatment and precautionary medicine study.
    • Diving training method & exploration trips and safari study.
    • Security and safety methods study and their updates.
    • Planning study for setting up tourist projects and world hotel management.
    • Participation method study in world tourist organizations.


Main businesses of the project:

  • Hotel accommodation..
  • Tourist, entertaining, sporting and social programs
  • Marketing and shopping.
  • Festivals, celebrations and conferences.
  • Safari, exploration trips and mountain eeriny.
  • Marine trips
  • Diving and diving training.
  • Tourist housing.
  • Hotel Real Estate Investment.

Special membership in company's hotels and resorts